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This shop started cultivation and sales underground some seven years back,it is amazing to hear that our cultivation of weeds started as a single plant cultivation as flower in a living room but we are proud to own large marijuana farms and also act as a main supplier of large quantites of weeds each month all round USA.
     Colorado weed club opened on th 01-01-2014 upon issue of a licence by the State Government of Colorado
We have been producing weeds of all kinds and selling underground while struggling there will be a day like the 01-01-2014 were the sales of marijuana gonna be legalised,we have been preparing for such a day that's why no matter how hard it was we kept on producing weeds very far in the county.


Our goal is to offer a dispensary option to the medical marijuana community that has unmatched  customer service, selection, quality, and fair pricing. We grow each one of our 60+ strains and create our wide selection of concentrates in-house so our patients can be guaranteed  quality each time they choose to shop with us.



-1 $10 1/8TH PER MONTH



We urge all our customers to always pass by and enjoy our services as we keep on ameliorating every day to ensure the maximum satisfaction of all our clients,we try to make  our products cheapper so that every one will be able to smoke the best products when he wishes.i

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Disclaimer: :This medical marijuana online store is a legit store with main dispensories in Denver,Colorado USA. It is only opened to adults of 18 years minimum.Our products must be kept completely out of children.They are sold legally for medical purposes.We discourage the illegal usage of our products thus we are not responsible for any damage resulting from the illegal usage of our products.
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Top Products:
-Banana Kush
-Blue Cheese
-Cataract Kush
-Cherry Pie Kush
-Critical Kush
-Grand Daddy Purple
-Kosher Kush
-Holy Grail Kush
-Purple Urkle
-OG Kush cannabis for sale in USA,UK,CANADA
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-Acapulco Gold Kush
-Hindu Skunk
-Jack Herer
-Lemon Kush
-Pineapple Express
-Sleestack Kush
-Sour Diesel weed
-Strawberry Diesel
-Super Lemon Haze
-HYBRID cannabi
-California Trainwreck
-L.S.D. Kush
-Girls Scout
-Jedi Kush
-Kandy Kush
-Liberty Hazea
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-haze weed at cheap
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Top Strains
-Ammhzia Haze
-Durban Poison
-Granddaddy purple
-Girls scout cookies
-Tahoe OG kush
-Blue Dream
-Triple Diesel
-Banana Kush
-Golden Goat
-Northern lights
-Green Crack
-Strawberry Cough
-Sour Diesel
-Jack  Herer
-Bubba Kush
-Blueberry Diesel
-Blue Cheese
-Acapulco Gold, kush
-Critical kush
-White Widow
-Super Lemon Haze
-Bruce Banner
-Afghan kush

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